How to use bounce bikes?

How to use bounce bikes
How to use bounce bikes

Using the Bounce Bike – Guide, you might have seen a lot of people commuting in yellow bikes on the road. Have you ever wondered how to use these bounce bikes? How much does it cost to ride a bounce bike?
Here is the procedure to use the bounce bike along with other details. It’s really simple.

How to use bounce bikes?

Here are the steps to use bounce bikes

  • Download the Bounce Bike App from Android or ios platform.
  • Click on Enter Code and give the bounce bike coupon code “NTUAY” to get Rs 100 as Bounce rewards
  • Register in the app with your mobile number. Verify with OTP.
  • Upload your Driving Licence – DL (Back and Front)
  • Upload your selfie

After the above steps are done you are ready to ride any bounce bike near you. Enable location of your phone, you can find bounce bikes near you. Select a bike which is near you and enter the destination you want to go to.
Now the bike is reserved for you and you will get an OPT. You can reach the bike within 20 minutes and enter the OTP to unlock the bike.
Also, few bounce bikes are operated with Bluetooth in which you can start and stop the ride simply with your mobile.

Usually, there will be a helmet in the trunk of the vehicle but there are people who miss using the service by taking away the bounce helmet to their home. Hence its good to carry your own helmet with you.

However, Bounce has a recovery team to l recover the helmets if found anyone using the bounce helmet for personal use on the roads.

Bounce Bikes Rates/Charges

It is important to know the Bounce bike charges or tariff. On a standard basis, the Bounce bike will cost you Rs 1/km + Rs 1.50/minute. The rates can vary sometimes according to the demand. Sometimes, there are offers such as 30% off on ride between 11 am to 4 pm.

Note: The charges are with respect to Bangalore. However, it will be well informed as and when you book the bike

Bounce Bike Payment Methods

You might be having questions like “how do you pay in Bounce?”. Firstly, understand the payment options available in Bounce. Here are they,

  1. Bounce Cash
  2. Pay after ride
  3. Paytm
  4. Bounce Rewards

Bounce Cash

You can recharge bounce cash using debit/credit cards, net banking, wallet or UPI. The Bounce cash can be recharged in the following denominations such as Rs 100, Rs 500 (get Rs 75 extra added) or Rs 1000 (get Rs 200 extra added)

Once you have recharged the Bounce cash the charge of the ride will get automatically deducted after the ride ends. Bounce cash is not refundable.

Pay after ride

Pay after ride option is available for which you will have to pay a fixed deposit of Rs 100. This fixed deposit can be withdrawn whenever you want. This is helpful in emergency situations like when you are not able to access the bank or paytm accounts. The amount can be paid whenever before the next ride.


Users can connect the paytm account with the Bounce app. After entering the destination, the estimation shown in the app will be locked from the paytm wallet. This amount will be taken from paytm after the ride ends.

Bounce rewards

Bounce rewards are the money what you get from referring bounce bike to your friends. You can also earn bounce rewards by completing tasks mentioned in the app like completing the profile. Note, only 50% of the charge can be redeemed from bounce rewards. 

Bounce bike referral code

Bounce bike referral code is “NTUAY” you will get Rs.100 in your bounce reward wallet. If you want to refer your friends, goto payments in the bounce app and click on the refer option. You will get a code like above which you can send to your friends, both you and your friend will get Rs.100

Bounce fuel refund

You are comfortable riding bounce bike but what to do if you run out of fuel? it is simple that you can fill petrol and upload the bill in the app before ending the ride, doing do you will get the money refunded. Moreover, you also get extra money in bounce cash for filling the petrol. The extra amount provided will be mentioned in the bounce app.

The fuel refund can be made to paytm or to bounce cash wallet but the extra money will be provided only to bounce cash wallet which you can use whenever you want it.

Bounce bike customer care number

In case if you have any issue with the bike or with payments, you can contact the Bounce bike customer care. You may click on help in the app and the contact number will be provided in the app with respective of the city.

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