Updates on all the online contests happening in India and International.

Active Contests

Contest List End Date
LCare Holi Contest New 18 April 2021
Kenstar India Navratri ContestNew 21 April 2021
Jio Asian Paint Quiz ContestNew 22 April 2021
MyGov Water QuizNew 22 April 2021
India Tourism Bengaluru Photography ContestNew 25 April 2021
AICTSD Aryabhatta National Maths Competition 30 April 2021
Nikon Contest 30 April 2021
Cinthol Awesome Awards Contest New 30 April 2021
Doublemint India April Fools Day Contest New 30 April 2021
Nescafe Mera Chill Scene Contest New 5 May 2021
SignoraWare Join and Win Contest New 9 May 2021
MyGov Be a Friend of Tribes Quiz New 14 May 2021
Chappi Promotion Contest New 16 May 2021
VIVO IPL Perfect Fan Contest New 30 May 2021
Sunfeast Photography Contest New 3 June 2021
Sunfeast Yippee Win Your Wish Contest New 20 June 2021
Kerala Cuisine Contest 21 June 2021
MyGov Cruising the Brahmaputra River 30 June 2021
MyGov Astro-Tourism Dekho Apna Desh Quiz 30 June 2021
MyGov India’s Hidden Gems Dekho Apna Desh Quiz 30 June 2021
MyGov Secrets and Delights of Indian Cuisine Webinar and Quiz 30 June 2021
MyGov Be a Friend of Tribes Quiz 30 June 2021
MyGov‌ ‌Agra‌ ‌Taj‌ ‌and‌ ‌Beyond‌ ‌Webinar‌ ‌and‌ ‌Quiz‌ ‌ 30 June 2021
Philips Promotion Contest New 30 June 2021
Meera Promotion Contest New
Amazon IQOO 7 Legend 5G Promotion Contest New
Itel Quiz Contest New
TVS Eurogrip Contest New
Walkaroo Click and Win Contest New
Haier India Contest New
Cornitos Corn Crunchy Hai Contest New
Realme Collaborative Challenge Contest New
Campus Shoes Contest New
Unacademy Fan of the Match Contest New
Codingal Easter Hunt Contest New
Realme Unlock Real Power Contest New
Tiger Balm Maze Path Contest New
BoAt Nirvana Contest New
DAYZ Footwear Contest New
TATA Power To Do Right Contest New
Nokia Best Shot Contest New
Bingo Panda Day Contest New
Motorola Asli All Rounders Challenge
Cadbury Taste the Game Contest New
Samsung Guess and Win Galaxy Buds Contest New
Maggi Answer and Win Contest New
TOI Cross Word Puzzle Contest New 7 March 2022
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An event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport or other activity, or a quality is one of the definitions of contest.

This was the definition that popped up for the word “Contest” on the internet. As relatable as it seems, this definition may suit scenarios like sports meet, kids fun activity, and many more. But as in today’s world, the meaning of contest goes on much more than that.

Everyone is well aware of the Big Boss contest, a reality show where the inmates must make the right connections and compete in challenges to face and survive until the grand finale. Shows like Spitsvilla, Love school also joins the club when it comes to reality show contests. The big boss contestants are too benefited from the name and fame they get while in the house and their reach is through the general audience who spent time watching this reality show.

Purpose of Contest
Many marketing campaigns and researchers use contests as a powerful tool to know their customers better in what they exactly want. Here’s where online contest promotion sweeps right in. The primary purpose is to conduct a simple online contest and attract new customers and retain the interest of old customers via their products to make them more prominent in the marketplace.

Scenario 1: A person participates in the amazon quiz contest which is an online quiz contest conducted by the Amazon app. By answering some of the questions asked based on a product, the company gets information on how well the customers are aware of the product. The customers also get benefited by winning the product from the amazon quiz contest answers.

Scenario 2: Imagine Lakme, the brand famous for its cosmetics, conducts a beauty contest named as Lakme Fashion week and post them under its official webpage. People enter the contest, and this is where the survey forms play their roles. These survey forms put up a chart on things like which product is preferred by many, which could be improved so and so. The contest is the trump card that satisfies its purpose.

This helps in understanding consumer preferences and the promotion of their products at a bigger rate. The bottom line is that contests connect and build deeper relationships between companies and consumers.

Contest as a marketing strategy
Contests are proven as an effective method when it comes to social media promotions. Any consumer-facing organization and B2B companies can take advantage of contests to realize the three benefits highlighted below.

Followers are the pillars!
Whether you are starting with 100 or 1000 subscriptions, organizing a contest proves to be a driven tool to increase that number.

This just doesn’t happen overnight, and the foundation is built upon the trust of viewers and followers imposed upon along with the power of a promotion. A basic enter to win contest or a lucky draw contest set with a lower barrier provides the best option for people who’s a newbie with social media contests for a beginner level.

Audience engagement
By following the things said earlier, there is a possibility that people are visiting your site on a daily basis and engage in some user actions. That’s all good. To increase the count who interacts with your brand and generate your site’s traffic, a contest provides a means to deepen the connection and keep them in anticipation of the next contest happening. This strategy keeps them naturally interested in your brand.

Consumer Marketing
Everyone is aware that Social media is a widespread net. From science buzz to movie updates, everything is within a finger’s reach. People who like to stay within the current trends tend to engage in all sorts of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it!

Being on the same page, promotion and brand campaigns are done via Digital marketing, making the sweepstakes, contests, and many more as a medium. If a particular contest such as mobile photography contest includes a component where participants share about it to their photography friends either by word of mouth or through their social media platforms and asking friends and family to support their entries as referrals will add additional purpose to the contest.

In the end, it’s a big bonus for marketing campaigns, which makes their brand significant than the rest and thus Consumer Marketing.

Steps to Organize a contest
Organizing a contest is no sweet ride, and it needs a few preparations in hand before conducting one. Listed below are the steps to run a contest.

Overview of the purpose of what do you want to achieve by conducting this online contest.
Select the right product as a medium for the contest, based on the latest trendy stuff in the field you intend to conduct a contest.
Select a platform for your contest and set rules which abide by the guidelines of that particular platform.
Creating promotion plans like advertising, blog posts, and posters which will promote the contest online to a bigger and broader scale
Regular follow up of the participants, sending updates and announcements should be done. Genuinity and Trust play a significant role here.
Test, test, and test… before running your contest live.
Result Analysis is essential to know what worked well and what didn’t, giving a head start on doing the right thing for the next contest.
Use the data gathered from the contest for research purposes as it will be the key getaways to know your customers better!

So that’s it, folks. Follow this secret sauce about marketing contests and how to make one.