Nordusk LED Guess the Product Contest – Win Exciting Prizes

Nordusk LED Guess the product contest is a fun contest conducted by Nordusk LED. The contest is conducted as a promotion on their social media pages. To participate in the contest, find out if you know Nordusk products well.

Participate in the contest to win exciting prizes and rewards. To confirm the participation, comment your correct guess and tag three friends to follow the page.

Nordusk LED Guess the Product Contest
Nordusk LED Guess the Product Contest

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Steps to Participate in the Nordusk LED Contest

Join our Telegram channel and follow our Instagram and Facebook page. To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:

  • Click the link below to enter the contest.
  • Guess the product in the contest post.
  • Follow all the social media handles of the Nordusk LED to be eligible for a win.
  • Tag three friends and challenge them to participate.
  • Post the screenshots in the contest page comment section and tag Nordusk LED.
  • Use hashtags #Nordusk, #FunContest, #NorduskContest, #FindTheBulbs, and #FindTheLED.
Participate in all Giveaways
Participate in all Giveaways

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