YouTube 1K Challenge -YouTube Studio Kit Giveaway

Sean Cannell, the famous YouTuber is so pumped to be able to give away an entire YouTube Studio Kit during this challenge (among tons of other amazing prizes).​ The giveaway ends on October 28, 2022.

Knowing the impact this event can have on beginner and veteran YouTubers alike, we thought you may want to share it with your friends! So throughout the challenge, you can share with your friends, post on social, share your own pictures and results from the challenge – all while getting entries to win a complete YouTube Studio.

YouTube 1K Challenge -YouTube Studio Kit Giveaway
YouTube 1K Challenge -YouTube Studio Kit Giveaway

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Steps to participate in YouTube 1K Challenge -YouTube Studio Kit International Giveaway

  • Contestants who wish to participate in this international giveaway can enter by clicking on the below button.
  • Follow all the steps provided in the gleam widget and read the terms and conditions for eligible entries.
  • The giveaway happens until October 28, 2022.
  • The winner announcement will be done once the giveaway ends (and also will be reposted) on the same page.

(P.S. The more you share, the better chance you have at winning some amazing gear 🔥)

Prize List

  • 1 winner(s) will receive a complete YouTube Studio Kit
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Participate in all Giveaways

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