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There is no one who doesn’t love free stuff in India. Giveaway is a great opportunity to get free samples or products where the companies give away their products freely for promotional purpose.

Imagine a hardworking businessman whose all set for the launch of his new product. The official release date has been set and everything was on track. On the big day the businessman launched up the product and the response in the market was a pretty downfall. The reason for this is when a company launches a new product it is really difficult to compete in the market as very less amount of the population will be aware of the specifications of the product. Well, his continued for weeks and he couldn’t find a solution for this. It was later then he realised the concept of giveaway marketing and the power of giveaway ideas for businesses

The meaning of giveaway is easily said as a product or a thing that is given free, often for promotional purposes by companies in order to attract a large source of consumers.

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What is Giveaway contest?

Giveaways contests are essential marketing tools for the business and they are always fun to participate and can create a lot of excitement for consumers. So it’s a win-win for both the business people and the consumers. Companies when introducing a new product in the field, conduct a free giveaway contest for promotional purposes of the product and in return get the most powerful thing- Brand loyalty and worldwide promotions.

Purpose of giveaways

People always love the idea of gaining something for nothing. This thought process is what makes marketers spread the word about new products, find new consumers and increase sales pitch Here in this scenario the role of social media apps plays a big part as the coupons get directed in linking the product page in social media applications like Facebook, Instagram

The social media giveaway ideas are in far going ahead in branding and marketing the products. If the product lands in line with customer satisfaction, what more to ask???. Even the product is no longer free, people line up to buy them and this is the first line of the pitch for business people who target consumers with the giveaways.

How do giveaways work?

On hearing a few things such as iPhone giveaway. You might be wondering why do companies like Apple or Oneplus giveaway the mobile phones for free. Actually, by giving these free stuff the company is gaining huge promotion which is of more worth than that of the actual product.

Are giveaways Real?

It’s to be kept in mind that both fake and genuine giveaways happen in India. It’s all lies in the user’s hand to punch in a few time and effort to know the genuinity of the giveaway websites. There are many genuine giveaway websites in India are we are glad to say is one among them. Here we provide updates only on the list of genuine giveaways happening in India.

How to run a giveaway?

Giveaway of free products plays an important role in major product-based companies. The free promotion gains a particular company an important factor in the form of giveaways- Attention!!. Giveaways spread faster than wildfires, thanks to today’s development in communication. Television, Social media and E-websites are the three pillars in which Giveaways takes a stand. While reading this, many readers may blink with a common question in mind. How to run a giveaway?

The mantra for running a giveaway contest is simple.

  1. Present a sales pitch with a funky yet attractive giveaway theme.
  2. Offer something free to get the customer at your gates of business.
  3. With the right set up giveaway theme and genuine offers, you get to tip the scales in your direction.

How the Big players do it right?

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are no wonder to be at the top of the table. These companies take advantage of upcoming holidays like Diwali, New year celebrations and many more and feed in their sales pitch for various products in the name of Giveaways.

For example, a company that sells electronic products runs a giveaway under the theme of Halloween. The “scariest giveaway” pitch leads with offering prizes which include an HDTV, a Blue-Ray player and a collection of 3 scary movies by the winner’s choice.