Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers

Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers
Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers

Amazon Buddha Jayanti quiz is live from 24th May 2021. The Buddha Jayanti questions will be related to Buddha Jayanti. Amazon Buddha Jayanti quiz ends on 6th June 2021. Answer and Win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

A total of 3 winner will be selected from eligible participants, and they will get a chance to win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance. Given below are the Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz answers. Goto Funzone in the Amazon mobile app to find this quiz.

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Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers

Here are the Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Questions and Answers.

Question 1 of 6:
In which country is the birth of Buddha celebrated on April 8 and takes place along with the flower festival Hanamatsuri?
Answer is – Japan

Question 2 of 6:
By which of these names is the Buddha also known as?
Answer is – Shakyamuni

Question 3 of 6:
Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini is now in which modern day country?
Answer is – Nepal

Question 4 of 6:
One Pali text that gives details on the life of the Buddha is the Mahaparinibbana- sutta. What is the meaning of the name of the text?
Answer is – Discourse on the Final Nirvana

Question 5 of 6:
The Temple of the Sacred Tooth, believed to house a tooth of the Buddha is located in which city?
Answer is – Kandy

Question 6 of 6:
The Buddha founded an order of monks and nuns known as the _______. Fill in the blanks
Answer is – Sangha

Terms and Conditions of Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz

  • Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz will commence on 24th May 2021 to 6th June 2021. 
  • In order to be eligible to participate in Buddha Jayanti Quiz, users must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on
  • Participants need to answer all Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers questions correctly to win. If all answers are correct you will be entitled to a lucky draw.
  • The draw of lots will be carried out at the end of the Quiz and a total of 3 participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
  • The declared winners will be eligible for winning Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

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